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This React Developer Course was just updated to support React v16, React Hooks, the Context API, and more! Have you tried to learn React before? It...
39 total hours
React JS: Learn React JS From Scratch with Hands-On Projects Course. Learn ReactJS from scratch with Router, Hooks, and Context. Become React JS We...
10 total hours
$139.99 $25
You've found the most popular, most complete, and most up-to-date resource online for learning Modern React and Redux!
37.5 total hours
Welcome to the React for Senior engineers course !!  Knowledge of React is 100% required for this course. I’ve been working with React.js for...
6 total hours
In this comprehensive course, we will go through the prior and newer versions of ReactJS with the primary focus on understanding the latest version...
17 total hours
Welcome to React JS Masterclass, one single course to start your React journey as a beginner step-by-step. This course touches on each and eve...
35 total hours
$149.99 $25
Event-Based Architecture? Covered! Server side rendering with React? Yep.  Scalable, production-ready code? Its here! Microservices are the nu...
54.5 total hours
Just FULLY updated and re-recorded with all new React features for 2023 (React v18)! Join a live online community of over 900,000+ developers and a...
42.5 total hours
This course will be hands on course which will give you practical exposure to React with over 25 assignments and 10 projects. We will start with al...
21.5 total hours
*** Just launched in June 2023! *** *** Take this course after taking my #1 bestselling JavaScript course (750,000+ students) *** In 2023, React is...
67 total hours
You’ve learned React, but what now? Time to build an awesome project for your portfolio! Prove your React knowledge to employers. There are h...
29.5 total hours
$109.99 $20
React is a hugely popular front-end library and React developers are always in hight demand in the web dev job market. In this course you’ll ...
23.5 total hours

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