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React JS and Redux Bootcamp – Master React Web Development

Learn React.js and Redux the right way. Dive into the React engine, create 5 apps, and become a React web developer.
David Joseph Katz
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Updated for 2022-2023: Learn how to code with React JS, Redux, and React Hooks from an engineer with 5+ years of industry experience.
How to bootstrap React applications in under a minute with create-react-app.
How to build React projects from scratch without create-react-app.
Where React fits in the big picture of web development.
Transpiling and bundling React applications.
Modern best practices of React and Redux development.
How to use APIs to create unique and interesting applications.
Redux at a deeper level. How each layer of a Redux application really fits together.
The reasons why bugs appear, the proper fixes for those bugs, and why certain solutions are more optimal than other ones.
Deployment of React applications.
Backend essentials too, and how to create backend APIs.

Want to learn React and Redux applications the right way?

Give my five minutes of your time, and I’ll explain why this course is the best time investment you can make to learn how to code React and Redux apps.


When I was first learning web development and software engineering, I used courses, tutorials, stackoverflow threads, and public github projects. It was invigorating – teaching myself the skills that would start a career.

But I often found that tutorials only showed me what methods to use. I had to piece together examples, trying to figure out why examples were working – why bugs were popping up. Even when I found a code fix, there was often that missing layer of how the update addressed the problem.

It was a grind. The learning process could have been more efficient with better resources.

Fast forward five years, and I’m working as a full-stack software engineer at Zendesk in San Francisco. I often think back to those first couple years teaching myself web development.

The resources should have given me not only what to write, but why the fix addresses the issue, and how the code works under the hood.

So that is what I’ve created in this course. A React and Redux learning experience that will give you all three of those important aspects to understanding code: what methods to use, why to use those methods, and how those methods work under the hood.


I really believe that taking this course will be a valuable investment of your time. I want to ensure that even reading this description is a good use of time. So I’m letting you know:

The first couple sections are free to preview.

I believe that if you only end up doing this free content, you’ll still walk away with a complete React application, and a lot of valuable lessons learned.


Why take this course from me?

As mentioned before, I’m a full-stack software engineer working at Zendesk in San Francisco. I’ve also released 15 courses (a lot of them on React), with more than 170,000 students from 192 countries so far.

I’ve applied the best practices of software I’ve learned in my career, and the feedback from my thousands of reviews, to craft the best learning experience possible for you in this course. You’ll find a healthy balance of conceptual theory, and practical hands-on experience. You’ll gain skills right from the get-go in the first section. And you’ll build interesting and relevant projects throughout the course.


In this course, you will:

  • Dive into React code right away. You will gain relevant experience as soon as the first section. Time is precious. And I want to make sure that you’ll never feel like you’re wasting it in this course. So in a matter of minutes, you will be writing React code in the first section, with a fully completed app by the end of it.

  • Understand how React fits in the big picture of web development. In the second section, you will take an important step back and examine how React fits in the big picture of web development. You’ll build a React project from scratch – discovering all the layers that are in between the supplies that supports the React app, and the browser which displays the React app.

  • Create relevant and compelling React apps. I’m betting you’ll find the apps both useful and interesting. Useful ones like the portfolio app will help you both learn React, and be valuable as a completed project for your software engineering and web developer profile. Fun ones like “Music Master”, will make coding lively, giving you apps you want to show off to your friends and family.

  • Learn Redux the right way, breaking it down. Redux is a must with React. But it has a much higher learning curve, since the concepts are more complex. In this course, every Redux method is going to be taken one step at a time. You’ll dig deeper into how the methods work under the hood. You’ll learn more than what methods to use. You’ll learn how those methods work individually and together. And you’ll learn why methods are written in a certain way, and when they should be applied. That way, you have the deep understanding that will empower you to write React and Redux apps long into the future.

  • Build more awesome apps! As you learn redux in the later sections, the projects will remain interesting and relevant. You’ll make a mini React game, using an external API. And you’ll create a React app that has multi-user functionality! Supporting multiple users is a staple of so many web applications – but can be surprisingly hard to pull off. But you’ll find the solution in this course both elegant and extendable.

  • Explore backend web development. I think it’s important to learn essential backend skills as a React and web application developer. With React app, you’re often using APIs to supply the content of your application. So having the ability to create your own backends, and APIs, will give you the capability to make React apps of any kind, for your own unique use cases, long after you complete this course.

  • Deploy your React applications. The projects you create in this course will be deployed to production. That way, you can share your the products of your work with anyone you like!


In summary, you should take this course if you want to learn React and Redux in a time-efficient way, while building relevant and engaging projects.

Once again, the first couple sections are free to preview. Even if you only complete the free content, you’ll walk away with a full React app, and lots of valuable lessons learned.

See you there!


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React JS and Redux Bootcamp – Master React Web Development
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