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React Web Development || Become a React Developer

Learn React From Begging To The Advanced topics By Building Real World Application || Hooks and Redux
Abd Alwahab
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Learn React
Build Web Applications With React
Learn Redux
Learn Hooks
Utilize Node REST API using React

Hi && welcome to the React Web Development, the course that will take you from a beginner react developer all the way to become an advanced react developer. in this course we are going to learn react by building real world applications and its completely a project base so there is no time wasted on unnecessary content,

what we are going to learn:-


in the first section we are going to spend some time learning about the es6 or the next generation of javascript because its will be the main tool that we are going to use in react.


in the second section  we are going to learn about react it self and this include basic react topics things like rendering list and conditional rendering and learn about component and props and jsx and pass data between components and so much more

02-react router

in this section we are going to learn about react router in deeps and understand how to create different pages and also how to deal with the url of the browser and display content depend on the urls and so much more.

03-react forms

in this section we are going to learn about forms, this section has two different part, the first one will be about basic forms in react and how can forms effect other parts of the website, the second parts will be about advanced forms things like fields, custom validation and more.

03-consuming APIs

in this section we are going to master the idea of deal and consuming APIs in react, we are going to build 3 applications that covers only the APIs which is one of the most important skill that you should have as react developer.

if( you !== happy) {

you will get a refund;

} else {

you will master react and get hired today;


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React Web Development || Become a React Developer
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