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Reinforcement Learning beginner to master - AI in Python

Build Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents using Deep Reinforcement Learning and PyTorch: A2C, REINFORCE, DQN, etc.
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This is the most complete Reinforcement Learning course on Udemy. In it you will learn the basics of Reinforcement Learning, one of the three paradigms of modern artificial intelligence. You will implement from scratch adaptive algorithms that solve control tasks based on experience. You will also learn to combine these algorithms with Deep Learning techniques and neural networks, giving rise to the branch known as Deep Reinforcement Learning.

This course will give you the foundation you need to be able to understand new algorithms as they emerge. It will also prepare you for the next courses in this series, in which we will go much deeper into different branches of Reinforcement Learning and look at some of the more advanced algorithms that exist.

The course is focused on developing practical skills. Therefore, after learning the most important concepts of each family of methods, we will implement one or more of their algorithms in jupyter notebooks, from scratch.

This course is divided into three parts and covers the following topics:

Part 1 (Tabular methods):

– Markov decision process

– Dynamic programming

– Monte Carlo methods

– Time difference methods (SARSA, Q-Learning)

– N-step bootstrapping

Part 2 (Continuous state spaces):

– State aggregation

– Tile Coding

Part 3 (Deep Reinforcement Learning):

– Deep SARSA

– Deep Q-Learning


– Advantage Actor-Critic / A2C (Advantage Actor-Critic / A2C method)

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Reinforcement Learning beginner to master - AI in Python
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