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React JS Web Development – The Essentials Bootcamp

Updated for 2022-23: React.js essentials bootcamp - React Core, Router, Redux, Hooks, in-depth JS, + detailed guides!
David Joseph Katz
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Updated for 2022-2023: Learn how to code with React, Redux, React Hooks, and more from an engineer with 5+ years of industry experience.
Learn React the right way and learn best practices, from an engineer with 5+ years of industry experience.
Modern Redux in 2022-2023: modern syntax and best practices.
Modern React in 2022-2023: createStore, functional components, etc.
React hooks in 2023-2023 - explore fundamental hooks, and build hooks from scratch.
Explore the React engine, and learn how it works under the hood to better understand the Virtual DOM, state, props, etc.
Learn React in 2022-2023 the right way and learn best practices, from an engineer with 5+ years of industry experience.
Learn how to build applications from scratch, setting up your own react-app-template.
Create industry-relevant projects that you can use on your portfolio and resume.
See how React fits in the big picture of web development, with a ton of detailed overviews on what is happening in the browser and the React engine.
Access 3+ hours of in-depth JavaScript material to hone your JS skills.

2022 Q4 (October – December) – 2023 Update!

This course is completely up-to-date with React in 2022, and will be up to date in 2023! A ton of material has been added and revised in this course. In the updated course, you’ll find additional content including:

  • New sections on React Hooks.

  • A ton of reference content for In-Depth JavaScript walkthroughs.

  • Revised material for modern React in 2022: createRoot, root.render, modern React Router, etc.

  • Revised material for modern Redux in 2022: @reduxjs/toolkit, updates on best practices, etc.

  • Extra Github reference content, including a new commit-per-lecture guide to make sure you can troubleshoot at every step of the way in the course.

Since this course’s release, this has been one of the most popular and best-selling React bootcamps on the platform. Here are the testimonials from a handful of students who have taken the course:

  • “This course is great! David is super knowledgeable AND passionate about React and it’s obvious in the course quality. I’ve taken a lot of programming courses on Udemy and David is by far the best instructor I’ve come across!”

  • “It is very clear and well explained. He explains every idiom related to the topic theoretically and by examples so you can have a complete idea about what is going on and why you need every file folder. The application examples are explained very clearly so you can follow up with him and get the same result. Also there is a code challenge to try if you want before seeing the answer. The course is well constructed and explained so never miss it especially if you got lost in the folder tree of react app or about its specialization. Highly recommended.”

  • “I started with some React concepts in mind and I found this course very useful. Also I am learning practical ways to do things and advance to Redux for more complex apps. I like very much the step by step, simple to complex, and practical style to explain concepts. Also, David is very nice and quickly solves any question.”

  • “David is a champ! One of the best course instructors I’ve ever encountered. Not only is his level of knowledge very impressive, but his timing, delivery, and tone create a very easy to follow experience. He’s extremely thorough!”


With five minutes of your time, I’ll explain why this course is the best investment of time you can make to learn how to code React apps.


When I was first learning web development and software engineering, I used courses, tutorials, stackoverflow threads, and public github projects. It was invigorating – teaching myself the skills that would start a career. But I often found that tutorials only showed me what methods to use, not why examples were working, or why bugs were popping up. Even when I found a code fix, there was often that missing layer of how the update addressed the problem.

It was a grind, and the learning process could have been more efficient with better resources.

Fast forward five years, and I’m working as a full-stack software engineer at Zendesk in San Francisco. I often think back to those first couple years teaching myself web development.

The resources could have been better, more efficient, giving me not only what to write, but why the fix addresses the issue, and how the code works under the hood.

So that is what I’ve created in this course. A React learning experience that will give you all three of those important aspects to understanding code: what methods to use, why to use those methods, and how those methods work under the hood.


So Why should you take this course?

I’ve applied the best practices of software I’ve learned in my software engineering career, and the feedback from my thousands of reviews in over 15 other coding courses, to craft the best learning experience possible for you in this course. You’ll find a healthy balance of conceptual theory, and practical hands-on experience. You’ll gain skills right from the get-go in the first section. And you’ll build interesting and relevant projects throughout the course.


In this course, you will:

  • Dive into React code right away. You will gain relevant experience as soon as the first section. Time is precious. And I want to make sure that you’ll never feel like you’re wasting it in this course. So in a matter of minutes, you will be writing React code in the first section, with a fully completed app by the end of it.

  • Understand how React fits in the big picture of web development. In the second section, you will take an important step back and examine how React fits in the big picture of web development. You’ll build a React project from scratch – discovering all the layers that are in between the supplies that support the React app, and the browser which displays the React app.

  • Create relevant and compelling React apps. I’m betting you’ll find the apps both useful and interesting. Useful ones like the portfolio app will help you both learn React, and be valuable as a completed project for your software engineering and web developer profile. Fun ones like “Music Master”, will make coding lively, giving you apps you want to show off to your friends and family.

  • Dive into React Hooks to learn how to write React apps now and in the future. React hooks, as the new paradigm for React development, are a must in any bootcamp experience on React and frontend web development.

  • Optionally explore in-depth JavaScript. At the end of the course, you will find a trove of optional videos that will bring your JavaScript knowledge to the next level.


In summary, you should take this course if you want to learn React in a time-efficient way, while building relevant and engaging projects.

See you in the course!

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React JS Web Development – The Essentials Bootcamp
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